State Representative for the 43rd District

Andrea's Legislative Intitiatives

Andrea's Committees

  • Financial Services - Vice Chair 
  • Commerce and Tourism
  • Tax Policy
  • Energy Policy 
  • Government Oversight 

From her first day as a legislator, Andrea was seen as a leader, having been assigned to five critical policy committees, more than any other legislator.  She took advantage of opportunities speaking to neighbors throughout the community, listening to concerns and drafting policy that can help solve problems in our everyday lives. Working in a bipartisan manner, Andrea was able to send five bills to the Governor to become law, more than any other freshman legislator.

On her first day in office, Andrea enrolled a bill giving the public access to records of the legislature and governor's office through the Legislative Open Records Act (LORA). Andrea believes that greater transparency will lead to greater trust in our government.

Andrea immediately began meeting monthly with a group of Clarkston Community Schools administrators, teachers, and parents. These important meetings proved to be so beneficial that she started the same type of education council in the Waterford School District. These are "never miss" meetings,  and allow a level of collaboration that other districts simply don't have. These strong relationships help Andrea set funding and policy priorities that align with those of our schools.

A conversation with the now-retired Waterford Regional Fire Department Chief led to Andrea's first enacted law. After completing the annual budget, the department had received a notice of a pending assessment for a certain medicare program. Fortunately, the WRFD was able to afford the thousands of dollars it owed, but others receiving these bills would not. Andrea drafted a bill, now PA 35 of 2020, requiring notice be given to agencies prior to budgeting.

Our roads are in need of replacement and repair. Andrea learned that local road commissions are limited to using 25% of their funding on local roads, the rest must be used on main roads. Knowing the road most people want fixed is the one at the end of their driveway, Andrea drafted legislation allowing local road commissions to use their funding in the same manner MDOT is permitted to, prioritizing funding to the roads most in need of repair.. This legislation became law this fall.

Shortly after her daughter's Clarkston classmate died by suicide, Andrea met the mother of a Waterford student who had also ended his own life. Together, they developed a strategy to get a crisis hotline number into the hands of every student in both school districts by placing a sticker on each student ID card. Andrea personally paid for the 10,000 stickers, and  introduced a bill requiring any school district that issues an ID card to have a hotline integrated into the design of the card. This "Save Our Students" bill has been sent to the Governor for her signature.

Recognizing Michigan's role in leading the mobility industry, Andrea introduced bills that would allow electric vehicle charging station providers to operate profitably. Encouraging entrepreneurship, helping protect the environment, and keeping Michigan at the forefront of mobility technologies are critical goals to sustaining Michigan's economy and quality of life. 

Andrea has sponsored bills that protect children in our Child and Protective Services (CPS) system, provide for important oral chemotherapy drugs, support Alzheimer's resources for seniors and caregivers, and standardize expert witness testimony in domestic violence cases. Protecting our most vulnerable citizens is crucial to a functional society, and Andrea will continue to  fight for those who can't fight for themselves.